[1728] Ammouso Above Project #2

Τιμή: 325.000 € The price includes the land and the building license

A distinct villa project accompanied by a full building license on an enchanting hillside with magic views of the South Ionian Sea, Kefalonia and Ithaca

3 + 1 WC
Open plan
Open Plan
Δεν υποχρεούται

Designed by a Swiss architect, this luxurious and modern project villa is located in a pristine area with dramatic views of the endless blue of the Ionian Sea and the all-encompassing natural beauty in an enclave of absolute calm.

The model of this unusual house is inspired by the intricate details of a Spanish fan. Each of the two levels has different dimensions and shapes, and they are connected by a semicircular staircase. The bedrooms are situated on the ground floor while the first floor, a flying unit, features an open plan living. kitchen and dining area.

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